the power of foresight

We have so many cliches for this – “the early bird gets the worm”, “be ahead of the game”, “forewarned is forearmed”, etc.  I’m watching an old Robin Hood TV production – the first Robin Hood story utilize the sword and sorcery concept, actually; and in the stories this shaman-type wood god creature keeps warning Robin of what’s going to happen.  It’s corny and not particularly convincing, but oddly enough the one convincing thing about the whole thing is this dynamic: because they know what’s coming, they’re free to fight without the paralyzing fear of the unknown and that extra edge leads them to victory.  Now, mind you, they can only see part of the future, or there would be no suspense.

The interesting thing to me is that this truth, dimly seen in the superstions of myth, has a crystalline clarity in the faith of a Christian.  We don’t see the future, of course – but we know that God sees it perfectly.  Knowing this, and knowing His care for us, we too are freed from terror of the unknown.  We can fight for His kingdom secure in the knowledge that He knows how He will bring good from every perceived evil we face.

Further, we know that it is God himself who molds the future.  Unlike the shamans, sorcerers, and sheriffs of Robin’s tale, God is not only all-seeing, but all-powerful. He is our strong tower, our refuge, and our strength.  How blessed we are!

Incidentally, the music for this particular production is entertaining by virtue of being atrociously bad 🙂  Check it out on youtube  But I continue to enjoy the creativity of the truly ground-breaking writing; it incorporates all of the traditional elements of the story while introducing many themes that are so good we continue to see them in remakes today.


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